Weekend Of Bulglaries in Kitchener-Waterloo


As a locksmith in Waterloo ON, we are always paying attention to shifts and changes in the area. New company’s projects and developments are in progress.

This time we chose to focus on something less pleasant to talk about, and it is crime rates. After attending at least 2 break-ins in one Saturday alone, it shows that with the good weather, come the thieves. In the recent years according to (The Record Post) research shows that relatively police are able to apprehend about 20-30% of burglars only due to lack of evidence. Often there are no witnesses or fingerprints to pursue, which often leaves forensics trying to identify a boot! One boot print just won’t do it.


Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night hearing a strange noise and finding yourself in a situation where you might have to defend yourself. A burglar is in your home and you have to think twice about your next move.

Calling 911 and leaving the phone on the line hanging can help you send your location to the police and raise their alert without raising thieve’s alert. Next, you can either be silent and lock your bedroom door until police arrive or chose a confrontation.

Confronting a burglar might not be so easy, in the old day’s burglars used to “dump the scene” but the new generation ways is yet to be witnessed. The type of burglars who go beyond fear. Yet the fear factor is often all you have, inflicting fear in burglar’s mind is the quickest way to determine his intentions. Some burglars chose to attack when afraid, some chose to run.

Usually, when inflicting fear you would want to appear fearless to alert the thief that you are serious about self-defense. Like pounding your feet as you roar like a lion as if you are about to attack a lion yourself. It does create a panic like atmosphere. You can also try stealth tactics like pretending to be a ghost that makes things move. If you aren’t afraid of the dark use the dark to your advantage, spooking the thief without exposing yourself can inflict enormous fear especially as burglars tend to expect a silent turnout.

Often in extreme situations require extreme ideas. Some turn to attack while some chose spooky tactics.

Most importantly is to avoid getting too close, then the intruder might turn to self-defense himself. Then it’s serious.


Real Life Theifs:

In our present times, theft problem is not only about burglars, thieves exist also outside of the personal circle. For some being out and about servicing customers often, we cannot avoid being a victim especially as servicemen who service and provide services around the clock in Waterloo such as locksmith service.

Not many cases have I heard about theft in bright daylight from a service person but sometimes cases like the next one stand out:

As I was preparing a receipt to charge a customer for his Honda car key which I just have finished copying and programming to his ignition, the customer picked a moment to start panicking about his door lock. The price wasn’t the excuse for the panic, it was his car door lock which decided not to work while it wasn’t relevant to the service performed he used his faulty door lock to escape the scene claiming “You damaged my door lock with the new key copy” claiming my expensive Italian car key cutting machine is damaged.

He then took off running into his house locking the door and my newly made and cut key without pay or any consequence. The person simply stole from me right there and then and no one was able to do a thing. It was a difficult experience.


Feeling violated:

As a local locksmith in Waterloo, I personally understand how it feels to be robed. Robbed of your belongings and somewhere violated by a strange who has no regards to one’s well being. An enemy at home.

In times customers describe the feeling which is hanging over their head when trying to sleep at night after experiencing a robbery. You feel degraded and violated. Your privacy, your personal space, your world.



Often to prevent theft you need to improve your overall security.

Window/Patio locks – can be a great solution to install on your windows and patio doors.

Higher Grades – Installing higher lock grades can ensure you won’t become an easy target for lock pickers. Lockpicking is not an easy skill but mastering it is possible, many sophisticated burglars and thieves know to master that skill and use it to enter your property. Installing locks which pick the hardest would be your best defense against intermediate lock pickers.

CCTV – Installing a security camera for your home can improve your overall feeling of safety, however, this will only document the theft. As recent information shows that thieves aren’t always afraid of cameras, clothes and covers can be worn and disposed of later. Your best bet to record the burglars is by installing an alarm simultaneously with the CCTV system to alert the authorities.


Last words: Your home security and the feeling of safety means everything to you and you will go the extra mile to ensure your entrances are secure especially if you have experienced a break-in. As a local locksmith in Waterloo, my thoughts are with you on this subject and I pay close attention to the safety and general feeling of peace in the region we all call home.


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