When Online Giants Take Control – EA Locksmith Waterloo Stories

As you may know, EA Locksmith is happy to be servicing Waterloo city and providing an amazing customer service and reliable repairs/ installations. But what about EA Locksmith that makes it special and so it stands out from the rest? It is knowledge; the pursuit of knowledge is embedded in our head since the day EA was born. EA Locksmith is not just your local locksmith, it’s enough to read and understand that a small tool can have a large impact, after all as our universe is expanding so are our horizons!

Software: I am not big on software but I realized that the average person seems to know nothing about software, apps development etc. It seems that we are getting apart, fast. To make things simple for example I could easily write yet another article about a locksmith in Waterloo who provides a friendly service and runs a company which treats its customers with the respect they deserve, but I chose to swish it up a bit.

Any idea really, anything you want. After all, you got Google right here, the tech giants are coming to Waterloo region and you have all the options available to you so if you don’t want to be taken advantage of you better read and research before you make moves.

Recently our Waterloo City site was having some issues and it’s only to reveal the real truth behind this entire partially explained story. The giant tech companies which pop out of the blue might and will take advantage of your lack of knowledge to a certain extent and confuse you with their offers and packages.
This works because no matter how tech savvy you are it’s still hard to get to the bottom of things when dust keeps being thrown in your face. The big giants know our attention span is very short and some of us give up faster than others and they sure take advantage of it.

Just to give a tech-savvy example of large corporations who care less about you like Aliexpress the big giant of the Asian market launched just in 2010 and currently in control of most online sales in Russia and I believe it got to Canada very fast and advancing so many of you shouldn’t be surprised by the blunt customer service and the ignorance of their careless customer service. I am not posting chats just yet since this is not a hate blog but I will spill out a few facts.

We have to make sure to recognize the good guys out of the bunch and there are too many bad ones, Godaddy is a good example of a bad reputation. Too many complaints about Godaddy employees taking advantage of customers, lack of customer service training and other limitations will leave you busted and stuck. Do not run to companies like Godaddy, Hostgator. Hostgator will hire inexperienced employees who can cause potential damage to your business and stress you out a lot with their stupidity. Contagious isn’t it.

This made me realize while developing our own Waterloo locksmith site, that the big tech giants already won the battle. You need a host? “No problem, we can suit you a perfect costly package and make sure your account grows as you stuck with us.” There seems to be no integrity in business, no coordination, no real value. A money grab is what I call it. I believe our generation is at fault here, fewer books more Facebook and this is just the beginning. Easy money seems so close yet someone else is getting it, it’s a matter of software and it controls your life whether you chose it or not. The battle already won, when arguing with Hostgator about their low level of customer service and staff education I realized that they are not interested in listening to the customer and making sure that customers are satisfied. The fact is it feels that they are swamped with accounts and problems, which the real knowledgeable company employees are dealing with. Yes, the real guys, they sit at the back and they don’t talk to you, they talk with tickets and as one of the reps at Hostgator told me. Open a ticket to receive a professional reply, well if they would reply promptly then things would be somewhat smoother but even that isn’t a go. They are too big to care. I would heavily consider who I chose to come settle in Waterloo, not all money is good money I say that due to my experience working in at least 7 different companies and I know that – “when customers are taken advantage of so are the employees, and so are back yet again – the customers.”

Trust me, trust no one. Until proven wrong. Simply because today, it is them who make loads of money of your limitations but it is up to us to get better and show them the big guys that today you are big thanks to us the consumer who lost complete track of what and how and are lost in the age of “Too Much Information” but once we make sense of it all. Oh trust me we’re coming, and then you’re all going to work much harder to get us! I advised a company once, I told them “I am here today making you happy with my presence feeling like I am not appreciated.” tomorrow it will be not me and here is the funny truth it will be someone else.
There’s a common thought among telemarketers and call center agents which says “you will always find that idiot” which you can sell to; and I am not saying it for any reason. These days there are customer service/sales reps at the same time and seems to be a trend now I am saying it because I feel like that guy “the idiot” simply because these companies cannot be trusted they put the truth the way seems profitable to them and so do their agents and when you reach out for help they will take advantage of you. Since when taking advantage of someone who is limited is OK and you would think you are not being taken advantage of? Think again.

When do we wake up I guess when it hits close to home.
Oh well, oh well…

P.S. Sometimes I yell straight at my phone things that don’t make sense like “Vacation Time!” “I want a vacation” just to mess around and see how soon I get vacay ads popping up lol. Try it sometimes.


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