The Right Attitude – 5 Business Tips In A Call Center

A locksmith is only good when it comes to the job site, but every job site requires different thinking and different approach. What stays the same is your attitude. Back in the day when I was working for a call center company; way before I was cracking the codes of cars I had a certain approach which helped me progress and advance in a workplace.

“Knowledge is free because knowledge can save you, me and everyone else.” – Eli Abbasov

Tip Number One – Always say yes! Yes is the key to everything. {Your manager said so, you say yes!} In a workplace just like in the military there’s a hierarchy and no matter what you personally think right now your manager thinks otherwise and expects you to do it. On top of all, you want to show your manager he can depend on you when an order from above can be easily executed. Feels like a war zone eh? So it was!

Tip Number Two – Always look for improvements, every manager likes an employee who can contribute {in a non-harmful way} to the company/department. For example, certain policy improvements or procedure solutions or communication solutions between agents and customers. Anything goes, whatever your talent is telling you to do is just do it! How you do it is the weapon, plus how many weapons as such you have in your magazine? What I mean is, how you present it to your employers; some solutions or suggestions might be foolish or non-important but presentation wise you still strike a point. Once you have an arsenal of suggested improvements you gain recognition thus improve your potential rank in the company. You get the point.

Tip Number Three – I remember I was late all the time! One time I was late 5 minutes past 9:30 am and the manager at the time sent me home. A year later when I myself became a manager my VP was ecstatic how I always showed up an hour and a half early to the shift just to prepare the workplace for my sales agents. That’s why this one is up to you; you can show up late but you will quickly learn your lesson.

Tip Number Four – Attitude – I remember weeks without a sale, I remember my manager at the time which I was so lucky to have. He was a very talented person, a religious man mixed with a US stock exchange broker type of character. His strong character can survive economic collapses, unemployment or any crisis. He would find something in nothing. He would make sure his people moved a milestone every day. My attitude is what helped him when he was dealing with the higher management and needed my back. I guess to survive in a work environment you don’t have to kiss ass, just help. If you are not appreciated, leave. But do your job until the last day. This should be our attitude.

Tip Number Five – Make connections, as a new member of the call center you will always get a cold shoulder. Stay blind to it, focus on those who seek connections just like you and maintain them. “One of the easiest things it is to make a connection, one hard task is maintaining them.” – Eli Abbasov



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