Tips For Dummies – 5 Tips For Successful Tradesperson Site

“A: Being a dummy these days is not always a negative thing, you are a dummy until you aim to become the expert yourself. B: Your life is not always about how you start but how you finish.” – Eli Abbasov

Road dangers and signs

When making a website for your service either it is a handyman service or any other service provider site you have to focus on a few quality measurements that make your site better both for the customer and both for the search engines.

1️⃣ Tip number one – loading speeds – making sure your site is fast to load is a good idea. Anywhere under 4 seconds is a good mark for your site, however, some site owners work hard to bring it to a 2-second mark. I won’t get into technicals but you have lots of tools online to test your site and make sure it’s speeding at the speed of the road so you don’t stay behind. While creating my first site I was dealing with lots of load speed time issues, perhaps I am still dealing with because it’s always a concern so stay on top of it.

2️⃣ Tip number two – where to build – not every dummy knows that a website is a piece of code stacked one on top of each other or whatever your description is. It’s a block of code. Making a site which can be carried with you anywhere you go can help you in the long run. These days many companies promise you something that’s called a “platform site” which is a free site that is sitting on a platform of another site and often it doesn’t end up to be free. In the long run, it ends up with explosive yearly fees and endless efforts which are spent on maintaining an outdated platform (today it’s a new product but tomorrow they will launch another and your site might stay behind).
While investing time and money into a “platform site” you will discover limitations and problems which the service provider has no interest in helping you solve simply because they want you to stay stuck with them, you will realize that you were wasting your time, practicing on making a free site will help you a lot more on one of these platforms. But when considering seriously consider buying yourself a block of code, you can get a template but be sure to read all the information about the contents of the code you are buying.

3️⃣ Tip number three – presentation – the first site I made which was for a tradesperson was quite successful in being unique in its colors and design. More like an old school site which has gone balooonies. Most blogs would recommend good-looking presentation overall but I want to focus on something else. When I mean presentation I mean delivering your idea to the customer who is observing your site. Asking questions about how does the site design would make a customer feel? Which content can be displayed first and which later to show the right information first and then the extras. I did the opposite, I presented an open concept and didn’t follow any other designs. In the end, it was a weird looking mess which apparently delivers a unique customer experience. It’s still under repair until this day simply because it sits on a Go Daddy platform which has lots of malfunctions. I made the typical mistake which is quantity over quality, I created a quantity of code and text and photo while focusing less on the quality of the design. It worked for Google, I can always improve my design or my site quality in time. Get it?

4️⃣ Tip number four – call to action – call your customer to call you, present multiple options for contact on every page on the top so the customer can always contact you throughout his visit time, make sure those buttons work by trying it yourself. Call to action is when you pursue the customer into contacting you when he needs a service and helps stay in customers memory even after he left your site. Many customers have shared with me an important piece of info, they admitted remembering my slogan after exiting the site because it was displayed right on top, I mentioned on my site to save my number “Just In Case!” when you need a service. Even though I use a very common phrase as a slogan it did work for my trade and name at the time of the visit, because the customer remembers to remember me just in case! Try calling your customer to action using your ideas, if your slogan is a part of your image you can definitely call to action with presenting what your brand represents; on top.

5️⃣ Tip number five – get feedback – after all of your photos and text blocks and other gadgets you are adding to your site, it’s best to test it out both on the technical side and both on the judgmental side. I mean that you should consult with people around what they are thinking of your site or your content in general. Remember criticism is not quite pleasant in some cases but through time criticism can build you better so don’t be afraid to take it. You will benefit if you know how to learn from criticism instead of looking only at the negative side of it. Don’t take it too personal nothing in the world is complete, there are always flaws in anything especially in a fresh creative mind.


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