As 2017 Days Are Slipping Away, EA Locksmith is here to stay! (Love&Trust)


As the year comes to an end I draw the conclusions, the old ways of search engine optimization are changing and that makes our job harder again. Since the last update, there are no more news regards to the changes and I believe in 2018 Google will stop updating us about its updates but who knows if this is really how it ends although speculations will be many.

The locksmith industry has come to a turning point as well, newer sites better strategies all to persuade you to believe who’s the best or who’s the worst. No one is really the best, no one is perfect but there are those who seek a challenge and prepare for the action. Actions are many and there are many ways to make things happen, I always use trust and resolution as my guide but not always those two best buds win the situation.

Trust – trusting your friend, partner or your spouse is important, it is a core part of any relationship be it business or be it just friendship. To be trusted and to put trust in someone is not such an easy task, often filled with obstacles which need to be resolved.

Resolving your issues. Perhaps we are not, all the same, is the problem but in fact, it’s perfectly fine as a solution. We are all different therefore we do carry solutions for each other in many ways, so how come we can’t get along? If you ask me I always said jealousy destroys the world, but in my eyes, that jealousy turns into admiration which then turns into desire. You don;t have to feel jealous just because you are capable of new heights, seeing is believing so being constantly jealousy is not so healthy. Many people have told me they feel degraded when they feel that they are jealous “someone is doing something better than me, makes me jealous.” they said. It is very discouraging to see someone doing twice or three times better even at the same job, my reply to that was simple but of course long!

When you feel jealous you feel that you are not good enough and that someone is better, that someone could even be close to you at work or a competitor on the environment which you working in. The feeling for some could be strong enough to cause depression and discouragement; action and development. Not everyone is tough when it comes to mental strength.
I say bring it if there is any advice out there is just bring it! Why?

“You are better than me today, you are stronger than me tomorrow, you may be even taller than me but I am not afraid. I am not afraid today, not tomorrow, not at all.” – Eli Abbasov

The jealousy which you afraid of is there to feed you, the weakness you feel is there to fill you with fear and that little tickle of a missed opportunity is also there just to tickle you. There is something you haven’t done right, or perhaps haven’t tried; there is more to it you need to learn and the conclusion is simple. Go do it.

The doors of potential do not open up by clicking on a button, for some the doors of opportunity is a painful process which we learn and grow through. No pain no gain friends.

As the month of October lands, our lungs fill with cold autumn air, we feel the winter coming and it is for some an amazing expectation yet for some a gruesome thought lol.
I am in love with the winter, the extreme conditions which our body is subjected to yet we are prepared for it. I think winter makes us strong, not as an economy maybe but as people.

Don’t be sitting in pain, jealousy or regret; use this 2018 winter to discover yourself and maybe discover new abilities and skills that you never thought you had. Then I hope your fears will turn into positive actions to help yourself and others around you to achieve the most out of life.



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